Introduction and week report #1

Cheers everyone!

My name is Peteris Krisjanis and I'm quite thrilled to be part of
Google Summer of Code this year. I have applied to put potential of
Jokosher as "podcast killer app" into use - in general, I will add
bits and pieces to support recording VoIP calls as instruments in
Jokosher, but not only that. I also plan to provide niffy high def
version sync after finishing calls. But more on that later.

I'm still quite busy with qualification paper I have to give in
tomorrow. This unfortunately means no real coding for me yet, but I
started to read lot of Telepathy stuff and study Michael Sheldon's
Bazaar Jokosher branch in little spear time I have. I will start to
work fully on code from Tuesday, when more detailed blog post will


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