Clutterrific! - Week 1

Hi everyone,

I haven't introduced myself yet, so please forgive me.  My name is
William Hua (attente on, and my project (Clutterrific!)
is to add a bit more spice into the gnome-screensaver collection using
Clutter.  I'm also keeping a blog with a bit more detail at

For this kind of project, I think it's best just to turn off our
brains for a few minutes and relax:

These were not done just in the past week, but over the community
bonding period as well.  And actually the cube is a screensaver
version of demo code I used as part of my SoC proposal.

Feedback, ideas, and complaints are welcome.  Complaints should be
at a higher standard than those usually posted on YouTube ;)

I've been working on a third one, hopefully I can whip it out in time
for the next progress report.  I guess I should underpromise this
though since I have to go out of town for a few days next week :)

Also, there are some tidbits I know need to be done at a later point
in time (better build support using autotools, custom photos for the
cube, animate the LEDs for the clock, etc.)

The projects have been interesting to hear about so far.  Good job,


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