GTK+ refactoring: Weekly Report 01.

Hi all!

I'm Javier Jardón, from Spain.
I'm very exciting to be part of this year of GSoC working on GNOME!

My GSoC project is about GTK+ 3 stuff. The datails here:

What have I done this week:

- I attended the GTK+ meeting [1] . You can see the log here: [2]
- I talked with some people from Xfce and lxde communities about their
plans about GTK+3. Also, I'd like to inform them about the status of
the project and how they can prepare their libraries/apps to be GTK+3
- I created a clone of the GTK+ code in gitorious [3]. I'm going to
stay in sync with GTK+ repo, so feel free to use it if you want ;)
- I started to port some widgets, I pushed the work in the 'refactor'
branch. I created other branches for some conflictive widgets that
need more work.
- As mentioned in my application, my intention is help in all the task
I can to make GTK+3 possible. About 15 patches are accepted in the
master GTK+ branch (future GTK+3) and I submitted some more to the
GTK+ bugzilla.

What will I do next week?
I'll try to continue the work porting more files. Also, I'll talk
about some problems with some widgets with my mentor and GTK+ devels
to find the best solution for them.


Javier Jardón Cabezas

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