Clutterrific! - Week 4

Hi everyone,

I made something relatively small this week: (Theora)

It's essentially a clock in the style of antiquated airport/train
station tickers that would display upcoming arrivals and departures.
For some reason, on one of my machines, it doesn't render properly,
and on another, it won't even install.  So it looks like I have work
to do for next week at least :)

So the plan for next week is to finish up some loose ends with all of
the screensavers so far, including this new one, and start something
new.  What exactly?  I'm not even sure ;)

Lesson of the week: Also consider culture and politics for what you
want to do.  For example, a screensaver that shows information about
different nations is sure to step on a lot of toes.  Courtesy of thos
and desrt.


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