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Hi all,

  My fourth weekly report is at
Featureless plaintext version follows:

My fourth Getting Things GNOME! Summer of Code week had four work foci
(a trend which will hopefully not continue 'til week 10...)

One, I put up some code to the Planet, having been encouraged by good
responses to earlier queries. This time I stuck my neck out by proposing
something larger, and in short order was told three new things to
consider—for example, the mixin concept. With this input, I have
improved my FancyInterface, which lets you access DBus properties as
Python attributes of ProxyObjects. Check out the code (standalone, for
the moment) here.

Many of the the fields in the GTG data model will be exported as DBus
properties using the above code. These chunks of XML code give an
overall picture of the interfaces that will be used in GTG, in the
standard DBus introspection format.

Third, I've proposed a new Date class for GTG. Dates in GTG go beyond
what's provided by the datetime module, because we support some 'fuzzy'
concepts like now, soon and later. Not only must these be stored and
sorted (alongside fixed dates and non-/null dates), but they'll have to
go over DBus as strings once my project is complete...hence the new

Fourth and last, the divorce proceedings for existing code continue!
With OfflineIMAP (highly recommended) as my inspiration, this merge will
make the "gtg" executable your one-stop shop for GTK, command-line and
other, future UIs. Forcing "gtcli" and "gtg" together helped me see
which dependencies were of one UI; which were of all UIs, and which
things are needed by both the UIs and core.

Paul Kishimoto
MASc candidate (2010), Flight Systems & Control Group
University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS) — +19053029315

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