gedit multiviews: weekly report 4

Hey folks, as I said in my previous�post[0], this week I couldn't invest as much time as I wanted due to my final�exam. Though, I have made some interesting things:

�* Now that GBinding is merged in glib, I had to port my splitview branch to use it. It gave me some problems here, seems that I had something wrong in my jhbuild that made me loose quite some time.
�* I spent most of the time making tests for gtksourceview, so right now you can try the program pushed in master that uses pygi. I'm still finishing the test-widget ported to python but I expect having it soon.

In realation to what I had to achieve this week:

�* Have the splitview core part ready for review. This has been done.
�* Start porting plugins to use the new api. I couldn't make this. I realized that before doing this we have to port the plugins to use pygi instead of pygtk. So right now as I said I'm investing quite some time on having gtksourceview g-i ready for this.

So, what am I going to do next week:

�* I'll follow working on getting things ready with pygi.
�* Help porting plugins to pygi and if�necessary,�also to the new api provided by libpeas.
�* Get the splitview core part pushed in master or at least ready to be pushed.


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