GTG - multiple backends week #3 (Luca Invernizzi)

Hello GSoCcers,
here's my weekly report for week #3 (also on [blogpost], with pictures).

"I’m pleased to announce the first two new back ends for “Getting
Things Gnome!”: a twitter and an backend.

Those are import backends, mean ing that your dents/tweets will appear
in your GTG tasks. In particular, the mes­sage will be parsed like

“this will be the task title, this will be the task description
#sometag @alsoatag”.

There is no support for start/due dates yet.

Obviously you will not want every dent/tweet in your GTG tasks, so you
can choose to just import direct messages/@ replies/your own messages,
and select only messages with one or more tags matching the a set of

[screenshots on [blogpost]]

If the connection can not be established, you will be notified in a
similar way only if network-manager reports that at least one of your
net work devices is connected (otherwise, GTG assumes you know you’re
offline  ). Pass words are stored in the gnome-keyring.

Apart from the new back ends, this week has seen improvements in the
backend framework and fixes, as always.

Next week will be quite busy for me, as the deadline for my thesis is
approaching. I’m planning to work on read/write back end support. I’m
currently developing a directory-based backend (each file in the
directory is a task) for testing purposes, but I’d like to start
working on a Tomboy backend: notes in Tomboy having a particu lar tag
(like @importfromtomboy) will be automatically imported in GTG."

[bzr branch] lp:~gtg-user/gtg/multi-backends__invernizzi_gsoc gtg-invernizzi

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