Friday 4th June 2010 Weekly Report 2

Hi everyone,

I've posted my second weekly report and added branch to Launchpad with the current code that i have.

The text of the report is below and you can find the blog post itself at [1]

This week I've been trying to get a Test GUI working with the Source Element and XML generator, just so I can work on enhancing the model and making sure things work as expected. I've managed to get the source element working after spending what seemed like hours tracing a buffer error. I'm not quite sure why the error occurred but after modifying a few things it seems to work ok now.

I'm still having issues with the XML not having an end of stream which means it constantly gets passed to the buffer over and over again, making the pipeline fail after a single play. I'm not quite sure how I'll get it to work but I'll spend the rest of the week working on it and trying to fix it. Once I perfect that I can move on to working on enhancements to the model, like Search and Replace and seeking. I have an idea of how to do search and replace but not so much on seeking, I guess I'll have to use a lot of trial and error to get it working.

I'm happy with the progress I've made so far and what may have seemed like a mountain of work is certainly a lot less daunting now. 

I've also made a simple test gui for it, I'll post screenshots once I have the buffer working. I'll also give instructions on how to run it once I've fixed the End of Stream errors.

[1] -

Thanks for reading,

David Williams
Extending Jokosher with a Musical Notation Editor.

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