Getting things GNOME web service and api: weekly report 08

Hi folks,
I started to improve usability of task editing interface - I added _javascript_ calendars for selecting dates instead of typing the dates in yyyy-mm-dd format which is quite tedious. Also I added the QuickAdd dialog like in GTG to make adding new tasks easier. Plus some bugfixes.
Earlier this week meteorologists said that the weather will cool down over the weekend so I decided to postpone the rest of my coding until the heat gets more tolerable. Well, little did I know... A lightning struck very close to my house, main fuse blew and my router was fried as telephone wires weren't disconnected. That also blew the ethernet card in my computer. And when I was plugging my computer to the wall socket it messed up either the charger or the charging circuitry in the computer. I'm going to Zagreb on wednesday and I'll know more about it then.
I borrowed my cousins spare router but there is no dsl signal so I'm writing this on my cell phone and cell signal is even worse than usual.

So, this week I did about 1/2 of what I was planning to do. For next week I'll try to get my computer fixed and do the remaining half. Thankfully, when I plug the computer in, the battery discharges very slowly so I'll be able to commit this weeks work as soon as telephone company fixes dsl.

p.s. I also lost a tv and a dvbt reciever, like the computer they were disconnected when lightning hit and were plugged in today but somehow they got roasted. :-/



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