GTG - multiple backends week #6 (Luca Invernizzi)

Hello developers,
 Here's my weekly report for week #6 (also on [blogpost], with
pictures, and on my [portfolio]).
This week has been busy for me, since I have (just a few hours ago)
discussed my master thesis. Anyway, now I'm going to be working full
time on GTG, which is nice.

So, this week I have finished the first version of the Launchpad
backend (importing in a read-only fashion launchpad bugs assigned to
somebody in GTG). I'm thinking if it would be interesting to have the
possibility of changing something about the bug through its task in
GTG, but I haven't found nice ideas so far. I'll  look into making a
bugzilla backend, since many people requested that.

Secondly, I've written an export backend to Zeitgeist, so that tasks
that have been completed are also visible there. This makes it easy to
see what it has been done day by day. Another approach would be
informing Zeitgeist when a task gets modified, created and so on (like
a regular document). While this second approach is more "zeitgeisty"
(since it leaves a trace of the activity of the user), I think that
for todo items the important information to keep trace of is when they
get done. I'll see what users prefer when they start using it, or you
can leave your opinion in the comments here.

I've also written a patch to gnome-activity-journal to support TODO
items (which are supported in Zeitgeist 0.4 which has just been
released, and GAJ is being updated to use that).
Next week, I've a lot of things to do. A few of them are:
- I'll add a "remember the milk" backend, which will have a series of
advantages versus my old plugin (automatic syncing is one of them)
- I'll review and ask for merging to trunk the code for my UI and the
tomboy backend, so that other developers and brave users can start
using my code
- I'll make order among my threads, since a few libraries that I used
have a series of synchronous calls which can make closing GTG slower
than normal. I've discussed this with a friend (the creator of
Lightspark), and a few interesting ideas have come out.

[bzr branch] lp:~gtg-user/gtg/multi-backends__invernizzi_gsoc gtg-invernizzi

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