Re: Google Summer of Code - Request for Additional Information

On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 11:39 PM, JR <jroose gmail com> wrote:
> Hello,
> My name is Jon Roose, and I'm a student at Purdue University.  As I'm sure
> you're aware (your email address is posted at the top of
>, Google's Summer of Code
> 2010 is only a few months away.  As such, I would very much appreciate the
> opportunity to receive a bit of feedback on my initial thoughts of a
> proposal for a GSoC GNOME project.  Although I have no doubt that working on
> any aspect of GNOME would be both a worthy cause and an excellent learning
> experience, I feel that my services toward improving GNOME through during
> the course of my project would be best directed toward ORCA.  Besides the
> obvious moral and humanitarian reasons for my wish to be involved within
> this project, I feel that improvement of such an integral part of a visually
> impaired user's experience with a GNOME based operating system.  I believe
> that such work could easily position said operating systems to be a free,
> fully capable alternative to the expensive Windows/JAWS setup which many
> users are resigning to.  However, the ORCA project is, unfortunately, not
> present within your list of approved projects within the 2009 GSoC list.
> Therefore, my question to you is this, would the GNOME project be willing to
> support the ORCA project if I were to apply for the GSoC position with the
> intent of contributing to this software?
> Thank you for any information and time that you relinquish as a result of
> this message,
> Jon Roose

Orca is part of the GNOME platform and is hosted with GNOME resources.
 That means that it's automatically elgible to have a GNOME GSoC
project as long as there is a willing mentor and they don't want to
apply to be a SoC organization themselves.  I recommend getting
involved with the Orca devs now so that you can refine your concept
and possibly find a willing mentor.



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