Cheese Report Week 9 and 10

Late combined report.

Week 8 saw a release. Since then...

1. Incredibly perf improvements. From >30s to <5s startup times.
Mostly because effects are now loaded on demand. Need to either make
this faster, or do it on a different thread.
2. Beginning of removal of dependency on Mx (The button is gone, the
grid will go once ClutterTableLayout lands)
3. Spinning out of the effects files into their own package (Daniel's work!)

I spent 4 days in Bangalore for Yahoo Hack Day, and came back very
sick (20 minute coughing runs are no fun, let me tell you).

We'll release Cheese 2.31.2 when I've fixed: 1. Made video work, 2.
Shaved a few more seconds off startup (and effects loading) time. I
anticipate that to be at the end of the week :)

Yuvi Panda T

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