Re: Intro !

Hey hey,

Le dimanche 26 avril 2009, à 11:01 -0400, Guillaume Beland a écrit :
> Howdy everyone!
> My name is Guillaume Béland, I'm a 22 years old French-Canadian. It's
> my second time taking part in the GSoC but the first time with GNOME.
> This summer I'll be working on converting Nibble to Clutter and I
> can't wait to start hacking on it. I'll be blogging about my progress
> here [1] and I'll be on IRC all summer long. My nick is guillaumebel,
> feel free to come chat with me ! I'm also a big fan of wiki so I'll
> probably start a wiki page for my project where I'll publish a roadmap
> and things like that.

Ah, it will be a good excuse for me to play games even more. Because,
you know, you need people to test your stuff ;-)


> [1]

I added it to Planet GNOME, it should appear soon. Do you have a
hackergotchi? And what's your IRC nick?



Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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