[weekly report] week 5: GNOME-Sudoku+Telepathy

> == Plan ==
> * Be able to offer/accept tube next week.
Done. This turns out to be trivial, thanks to telepathy devs.

> * Once the above is achieved, I will be able to live-update. But I
> haven't had a clear idea now.
> * Sudoku needs refactor for this.
Started on this. I played with some test methods and it's roughly ok
now. So the main work will be refactoring sudoku to let things fit in.

I traveled back home and it's a little mess in the end of the week.

$ git log --pretty=short --since=2009-06-22  | git shortlog
Zhang Sen (10):
      Make logger working
      Update contact presence only if it's recorded
      Can offer/accept tube
      Move tube-handler creation code into __init__
      Trivial: useless comment
      Split tube-handler into separate file
      Call a callback when tube is received
      Use a callback to begin offering tube
      Can send/receive messages
      First try to transfer the puzzle to the peer

== Plan ==
* Clean sudoku code, polish class hierarchy to fit my use.
* Update this page (created during the community-bonding period)
* The design in the above page turns out to be not proper or detailed
enough. I will try to find a suitable approach during the following
* Mid-term evaluation is in one week. I would get at least something
basic in this week :)


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