[weekly report] week 6: GNOME-Sudoku+Telepathy

It seems I am always the first to send weekly reports, uh? :-)

> == Plan ==
> * Clean sudoku code, polish class hierarchy to fit my use.

Much of the past week's work is on this one. The bigger among them is I
ported the main GUI of sudoku to Glade, instead of hard-coded. And quite
a few small improvements besides. Now the code is cleaner and it's
easier to modify the GUI.

> * Update this page (created during the community-bonding period)
> accordingly,
> http://live.gnome.org/ZhangSen/GSoC2009/StartGame#head-412220ad0fc917e5b3c086b44438f55bb454fd30
> * The design in the above page turns out to be not proper or detailed
> enough. I will try to find a suitable approach during the following
> weeks.
> * Mid-term evaluation is in one week. I would get at least something
> basic in this week :)

Unfortunately no much process on this. The receiver is now able to get
the puzzle from the initiator and to open it in the side-grid. But not
live-update yet.

== Commits ==
Mostly small refactoring commits.
$ git log --pretty=short --since=2009-06-29 | git shortlog
Zhang Sen (24):
      First try to transfer the puzzle to the peer
      Arrange imports per pep8
      A method is wrongly renamed
      Omitted one instance when renaming a method
      Port main.py to use GtkBuilder
      Check if interface is available befor use it
      Fix mnemonics
      self.tb was forgotten to define
      Don't use built-in 'type'
      Clean up the process of opening game
      Rename tb->toolbar
      Remove the use of 'map'
      Add new ui file to Makefile.am
      Remove useless variable
      Split tracker-box into separate file
      Coding style: rename a variable
      Delete unused import
      Show the custom stock for tracker-box
      Remove useless parameter
      Clean up the method to setup ui
      Rearrange the sequence of methods
      Add the side-grid to display the peer's puzzle
      No need to call gsd.show()
      Actually display the peer's puzzle in side-grid

== Plan ==
* The receiver can get signals when the initiator's puzzle is updated.

I'm getting clear and hopefully I would make progress on it.


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