[final report] mail as a desktop service

I've had a great time with Summer of Code!

I have not yet accomplished everything I originally set out to do, or some of the goals that came about while talking to the brains of GUADEC (tracker integration for mail, anyone?).

A lot of good work has got done, however, and I intend to continue my work.

Git shortlog for the past week:
Ian Marcinkowski:
	Beginning Message object
	Folderlist: change org.gnome.Mail.ImapProvider
	Adding a very simple tester program
	MessageList is now refobject
	Change bus name to org.gnome.Mail.ImapProvider
	Fetch Folder uid list and create MessageList
	Moved code around
	Splitting MessageList into Folder/MessageList
	begin re-implementation of  MessageList API
	Adding async linesocket class

The current state of my project:
* Mostly working FolderList module.
  (IMAP Folders w/ message and unread counts)
  * The API is pretty solid for now and all but 1 of the API calls work
* MessageList API is nearly complete. (lists of messages)
* Message API still under heavy construction
* Asyncronous python socket is written
* Functional IMAP parser
* A lot of old code for caching and connecting asyncronously to the IMAP server has been written and needs to be made to work with new asyncronous ImapSocket class

Things to be done in short-term:
* Finish the Message API
  * MIME support
* Re-factor the old Cache code
* More command-line mail reading tools

Long-term goals:
* Tracker integration (so trendy these days)
* Gsettings configuration
* A usable mail client based entirely on my code
  * Notification applet
  * FolderList applet with unread counts

Thanks to Ryan Lortie, we have some basic tools. For now, we only have code written to display FolderLists and their message counts. Code can be found in my repo at git://git.desrt.ca/mail. There are quite a few dependencies to get the interface working, so we have a jhbuild script to take care of it all.

I will be using my blog for continued updates.

Ian Marcinkowski
ian desrt ca
Gnome - Mail as a Desktop Service

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