[Weekly report] Week 11: Seed+Clutter GNOME Games

Unfortunately I've been traveling and reinstalling this week, so I've gotten less than I hoped done. This also means that, since this is the last week, I'm not going to finish everything I set out to within the timeframe of GSoC; not to fear, though, I'm not going anywhere... I'll still be working on seed and gnome-games for the foreseeable future, most certainly through the completion of all of the goals I listed at the beginning. I expected to easily finish what I set out to during this summer, but various complications and unexpected side issues prevented that, unfortunately.

* Finished up and pushed Seed 2.27.90 out the door. This includes a few small bug-fixes that help out with these games, as well as the "pretty" property installation which I'm also using here...

* Fixed small bugs in Lights Off that became evident when first running on a fresh install.

* Some more small work on Mines (mostly what I do when I get angry at trying to fix the issues with same-gnome-clutter highscores); I'm not comfortable merging it into gnome-games master at this point (freezes and releases and such), but will definitely (after travel ends again.. grr) push it to gitorious or some such.

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