[weekly report] week 11: Raw processing in f-spot

After a mad dash of hacking, and helping with the 0.6 F-Spot release,
F-Spot is now capable of doing non-destructive editing, which was one of
my aims for this gsoc. With the exception of 16 bit processing, this
turns F-Spot into a lean mean RAW machine.

As for the last week: I wil focus on stabilizing things and adding the
last missing bits. I will have to stop working on Friday, due to social
obligations, but I will send in a final progress report before then.
Afterwards I will continue to work on this, to make sure it gets into a
mergeable state (and actually merged).

Progress can be tracked here:

Getting this into the next big F-Spot release will make it into a
smashing release, can't wait to see it happen :-)

Ruben Vermeersch (rubenv)

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