[weekly report] week 11: gsettings-gtk

Didn't get everything I wanted to done this week because I found out I
had a job for second half of the week which I had applied for months
ago and forgotten about. So I spent four days at the Big Chill
festival working in a bar :) I did get a fair bit done though:
 - worked on GtkSettingsList (a GSettingsList that is GtkBuildable),
this is nearly done now
 - more work on windows registry backend for GSettings
 - wrote a pretty-printer for gvariants, to compliment the parser ryan
wrote not so long ago

Here are some git shortlogs:
sam django:~/soc/gsettings-gtk$ git shortlog --since=2009-08-03
Sam Thursfield (5):
      Needless changes in simple-test.ui
      List support works now.
      Write gtksettingslist data from .ui file as key default.
      GtkSettingsList: add parser to ignore its data in .ui file
      Update TODO

sam django:~/soc/src/gsettings (windows-registry)$ git shortlog
Sam Thursfield (12):
      Use ANSI strings so we don't need to worry if the strings are valid UTF16.
      Escape \'s in key names.
      Support int64 and uint64.
      Use glib memory alloc instead of native windows at all times.
      Support string type in registry backend.
      Disable debug traces.

sam django:~/soc/src/glib (gvariant)$ git shortlog --since=2009-08-03
Sam Thursfield (7):
      Merge branch 'master' into gvariant
      Add gvariant-printer.
      gvariant-printer: correctly define function
      gvariant-printer: always type-annotate nested variants.
      gvariant-printer: print byte values correctly.
      gvariant-printer: don't annotate type inside arrays.
      gvariant-printer: fix crash in dict entry printing.

Since this is the last week i'm going to try to wrap up things as
neatly as possible so that I can submit something complete for gsoc. I
haven't got as much done as I wished, but I think there is enough to
be a reasonable amount of work for a gsoc submission. And i'm not
going to stop hacking just because it's the end of the programme :)

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