[weekly report] Week 10 - Gsettings-gtk

Buenos tardes
Got a bit back up to speed with my work this week. Concentrated mostly
on a windows registry backend for gsettings.

I made the effort to post my git shortlog outputs this week :)

      Fix configure.ac for autoreconf (add 'foreign' flag).
      Initial gregistrystorage code.
      Add storage-test.c
      Add autojunk to build unit test.
      Initial work.
      Look for schemas in .xml files in GSETTINGS_SCHEMAS_DIR before schemas.db
      Merge branch 'pending' of git gitorious org:gsettings-gtk/gsettings into s
      Make gtk+ components optional.
      Comment note.
      Merge branch 'schemas' into windows-registry
      Add storage-test.
      Support for types that fit into DWORD.
      Test some things in storage-test.

      gsettings-ui-scanner: write errors to stderr, return nonzero on fail.
      Update for new gsettings in-place schema mechanism.

Next week: world domination
Or at least, finishing the registry backend and gtype bindings, which
involves writing a new gvariant pretty printer (for the complicated
types that neither can store directly). Getting GLADE support for
reading & writing bindings to .ui files, and for updating the binding
dialog on undo/redo. Supporting gsettingslist in gtkbuilder. Receiving
my new laptop which is twice as fast as my old one and has four times
the memory. Writing some more tests and converting some apps (finally
Love from sam

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