F-Spot sidebar improvements: Week 8 Report

Hi all!

 [ For information about my GSoC project, fast-forward to the bottom ]

After a few days of post-GUADEC tourism, I've returned to Belgium. Gone
with the distraction of fellow GNOME-hackers and an awesome city scape,
I've returned to hacking on F-Spot. The editors are now 75% ported. As
with any good 80/20 ratio, these last ones are a bit hairy.

For two reasons:
 * They use very cairo specific operators to implement the previewing.
As I wanted to make the editing abstraction agnostic from the rendering
process, making it possible to implement e.g. GEGL pipelines, this
caused some architectural headache.

 * Having converted the editors to the common abstraction meant having
dog-slow previewing. After fighting and investigating the current
ImageView, it turned out that this was not easily doable. In the long
run we should totally replace this thing. For now, a workaround was
added (albeit not a very nice one), after discussing it with my mentor.

I'm in Germany until Friday, attending the AOSD Summer School (related
to my university thesis research). After that, I have no big plans
whatsoever until August 18, meaning heaps of time for my summer of code.


About the project:

I will be working on F-Spot and concentrate on the sidebar, editing
tools and other usability work.


Ruben Vermeersch (rubenv)

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