Cheese and OpenGL - 6th week report (+ screencast!)

Hey all, if you didn't notice it yet, I just posted a nice demo
screencast for the effects I wrote since today, so take a look at it,
enjoy and leave your comments!

This week I solved a couple of issues with the GstGLEffects plugin, I
was doing GL resources clean up in the wrong place, so the pipeline
crashed when going to GST_STATE_NULL. Now everything is freed and
unreferenced correctly so the pipeline switches cleanly between
Since I have an almost working infrastructure for creating effects I
started to concentrate on various other tasks that I'd like to do (or at
least begin) during this summer. 

- I started to get accustomed to Cheese code, so that it will be easier
to integrate my effects. I solved a couple of simple bugs and got the
"cheese developer" status on bugzilla :D.

- I started to test something with clutter;
I'd like to use it as a rendering engine for gstreamergl but I have some
problem on sharing texture objects between the two contexts. So if you
have experience in multi-thread glx programming, help is more than
welcome! There is also a thread on clutter-list if you are interested.

I won't surely stop developing new effects since it's a real fun :P.
I also recently added a Sepia effect and an Emboss one (to demonstrate
convolution filter capabilities).

For this week that's all. I'd have really liked to see you all at GUADEC
but I had some issue with the sponsorship (take a look at my blog for
detailed explanation). It will be for the next year ;)



Filippo Argiolas
Jabber: filippo argiolas jabber no
Irc: fargiolas (GimpNET, Freenode)

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