Re: Google Reader Integration with Liferea: Week report

<keep-alive ping>

Oh man, internet has been treating me badly, have been travelling
around, struggling with a rotten GPRS connection, in an area with bad
network signals. In the last two weeks, fixed a few bugs, and checked
them in when I was connected. (Specifically, in the TODO I sent
earlier, I fixed the second one.. I am wary of fixing the first, since
it'll touch much of the stable and fully functional code ... aargh ..

Right now am back at my new home and swearing at customer care
representatives of reliance broadband who have delayed my net
connection by about three weeks.


On 6/23/08, Arnold Noronha <arnstein87 gmail com> wrote:
> My last report was on Wednesday.. so this is a five day report :)
> * I finished up with the efficient downloading business and it works
> like a charm. I spent time testing it, because I have to wait till
> feed information propagates to google to see results. I've been using
> it, and have to say I love my own work!
> * I fixed up a bugs, for example, fixed code to work with llando's new
> code restructuring with Liferea.
> Other things: I've been in Bangalore, training and selecting students
> for the Informatics Olympiad. So I've been doing other kinds of coding
> too :-) Nice food (free! unlimited!), nice weather. I've been lucky
> enough to get a decent internet connection here (I still need to use
> my GPRS for subversion repos, because of issues with an NTLM proxy).
> I also read Mario Puzo's Godfather.
> My plans for the week (information is for myself, I don't expect you
> to understand everything):
> * Fix read/unread marking in broadcast-friends, when the item is a
> link and not a post.
> * Remove multiple instances of a subscription in the OPML list. Take
> care of multiple instances when doing an add_subscription or
> remove_subscription.
> --Arnold

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