Anjuta Git Plugin Week 5

This past week I kind of slowed down my development pace a little bit,
as I've been working on this full time for the most part. About the only
thing I actually completed was ignoring files. As I discussed last week,
I had to create a new base class for this command, because it doesn't
actually talk to git; it just messes with .gitignore files. What I
decided to do for now was just to create a simple base class for it. But
in the long term it would probably be best to factor out the common
things out of GitCommand (like the info queue) and create a simple
high-level base class for both types, and derive two others, one for
talking to git and the other for messing with files, and reparent my
existing classes accordingly so I don't have to repeat any code if for
example the ignore command might want to use the info pane or whatever
at some point. The problem here is that there are well over 100
different objects in my git plugin, so doing this would be a massive
undertaking. As this is something that doesn't have any bearing on my
proposal, and that I'm almost done, I've decided to do this when I need

Now for this week: finish up working on remote branches. I spent the
last two days figuring out exactly what I should support right now. As
anybody who's used git knows, these commands have *tons* of options, and
I have found myself in the position where I'm not quite sure just how
many of these I should support, and when I should support them. So for
the time being I have just decided to support adding and removing remote
branches for the time being. At a later time I can implement other
things if somebody asks for them, or I find a need for them. :) 

Once I finish that, there's only 3 things left on my proposal:

- Pulling
- Generating patch series
- Getting files at any revision

After I finish these 3, I'll probably work on some extra things,
especially pushing, and other things. If there's something you'd like to
see, let me know.


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