Big thanks to our students!

Hi all,

I've followed this list the whole summer, and it was really great to see
all the reports flowing in. You really made some truly awesome changes
to GNOME in general. I'm actually amazed to see that some SoC projects
will already be integrated in GNOME 2.24! Some of you came at GUADEC and
it was good to see how enthusiastic and full of energy you are. I'm
eager to see what you'll continue to bring to GNOME in the future ;-)

We'll try to write a summary of all that was accomplished during the
past few months. If there's any volunteer to help with this, please step
up now :-) I'm convinced we can actually do more than one summary if we
want to explain all the good stuff that you did!

Also, we should all thank the mentors that helped make this possible,
and Daniel and Sandy who were really helpful in organizing this SoC --
they mostly did some hidden work, but SoC wouldn't have worked so well
without them!


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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