Introducing myself

Hi all,

My name is Filippo Argiolas, I'm 23 and I'm a third year Physics student
at University of Cagliari, Italy.

I'll be working on a set of opengl based gstreamer plugins to add some
new shiny effect to cheese and, of course, to every gstreamer based
project who would like to use them. My mentor would be Daniel Siegel
(thanks ;) ). If you want to know more check the abstract at google soc
page or just ask!

It's my first summer of code and I'm so excited I've been accepted, so
thanks to everyone who made this happen!

Feel free to contact me for anything, I'm open to comments and
suggestions, you can find details in the signature.

Looking forward for a great summer, 
good luck and happy hacking to everyone!

Filippo Argiolas
Jabber: pippolino anche no
Irc: fargiolas (GimpNET, Freenode)

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