Progress Report: Deployment and lockdown

Hi everyone,

Uuugh... I'm late again.

This week has been quite productive, and I have a working enhancement
for Sabayon which lets you modify the desktop links in a profile
desktop (and also let's you setup a set of mandatory, centrally stored
desktop links for Nautilus, provided that you are using my (still
unreleased) patch for Nautilus global desktop items :-).
The patch is at

I ran into quite a few difficulties while working on this, the most
significant of which was highlighted by me in the mail to the sabayon
mailing list[1].

Next step is to polish the Nautilus patch, figure out why all links
are being treated as directories and finally submit it in bugzilla.

Moreover, the latest version of Sabayon is having issues with saving
profiles[2] - I'm not sure why this is happening, looks like some of
the files in the temporary home directory are getting deleted before
they could be copied to the zip file. It might also be a problem with
my distro setup - it's in a highly messed up state (mix up of Python
2.4 and 2.5). If anyone can confirm this bug, I'll be very grateful. I
plan to look into this in more details during the next week.



Sayamindu Dasgupta

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