FoieGras-Tags - 29/06/2007

Hi all,

I'm glad to say that the first phase of the project(in my opinion) was
finished in this week. Actually I got a lot of free time to work on
the project this week and could make a decent progress.

First I've completely changed the mechanism which I thought to apply
for inline text rendering. First I was going to use a threading system
to read each tag and implement it, but when I thought again I
understood it was a painful task and a waste of time. So I thought of
testing with the xml parser in python library and it worked like a
charm so far.

I've also fixed the errors that were previously in the code and also
added more inline tags to the tag list and how to render them. But
obviously I'll have to discuss the way tags are rendered with Don and
come to a conclusion. So currently the FoieGras can read inline tags
and render them according to a configure file in the project directory
which defines what tags are rendered and how they are rendered.

I was going to commit the project to a branch in FoieGras repository
which has been created recently thanks largely to Don. But I got an
authentication problem and I'll have to make it clear before
committing. But I'm glad about the progress of FoieGras tag rendering
part in this this week and I'm now sure I'll be able to finish the
next phase (that's adding the ability to render block tags, images and
tables IMO) very quickly  probably in next week since now I have got
into the right track and FoieGras is kicking.

And also I hope I'll be able to discuss this into more details at
GUADEC with the FoieGras team and hack FoieGras there.



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