[Progress Report] GDM Composited Bling


This is my first progress report after the beginning of the official coding
phase of the Summer of Code 2007. I'm sorry I didn't write my report last week.

So here are the news on GDM Composited Bling
(or should I say... gdm meets compiz).

Nowadays I have on my computer the trunk of three Gnome components.
I'm talking about, compiz, gnome-session and gdm2. The code of these is being
invaded by my eyes and hands, while I'm learning how they're structured
and their code.

I'm interested in the compiz code responsible for the X server probing for composite.
On the gdm side I'm adding some configuration options on my own "branch",
so testing is facilitated. I've noticed a debian directory, so I might use deb
packages later for testing, since I'm using Ubuntu gutsy for developing.

I've been having some problems with Ubuntu gutsy's kernel on my laptop.
It seems dual core systems are having a hard time with 2.6.21+. I've managed
to workaround this problem with the boot option idle=poll.
I've installed Fedora 7 before and found that they recommend the boot option
clocksource=acpi _pm, but it doesn't work as expected on Ubuntu.
I've installed Windows 2003 on my old Vista partition, since Vista was so finicky
and didn't even boot after I resized the partition.
Vista is just windows 2003 in disguise, and I need windows for the
Computer Graphics class. This might be what that two figure increase in
Windows Server use in the news is all about.

University is going well. Classes ended last week. Exams will start next week.
I think I will do great on computer related classes. I am studying hard Maths.
Oh, and the Data Structures work I've been talking about,  I've written the report
and I think I'm going to have a very good grade. AVL Trees and Hashtables rock!
Last week was hard but it's all over now! :D (Except for the Exams)

I'm not going to GUADEC because I have exams scheduled for July.
I wish I could pass every class in the first days of July so I could go,
but some classes are really demanding, and I have 6 of them.

Regards and Happy Hacking to All,
Flávio Martins

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