Progress Report: Deployment and lockdown

Hi all,

Last week I released a nice looking video[1] showing the status of my
patch. Take a look at
for the video and some background information.

The patch is now much more readable, and it has got Gconf support.
Right now, it allows Nautilus to show the files in a given directory
(specified via Gconf) as read only icons on the Desktop (similar to
Trash, Computer, etc).
All the bugs that I mentioned last week has been fixed and
addition/deletion to the global items directory are instantly
reflected on the Desktop.

The patch is now more or less feature complete, though I'm facing a
strange bug, where  all the links are being treated as directories
(the right click menu gives a "Browse Folder" option, even if the link
is an application launcher). I'm trying to figure out why this is


Sayamindu Dasgupta

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