[PiTiVi] Update for week of July 08, 2007

Refreshing everyone's memory, PiTiVi is a non-linear video editor written using GStreamer and Pygtk.

Recent changes can be seen at the PiTiVi wiki, here:

I went camping last week, so didn't send an update. I did get a bit of work done. Earlier this year, I had written a widget for displaying Pixbufs at a constant aspect ratio, but the code was buggy. I spent a few hours last week fixing that. Then I tracked down the source of a bug that prevented the widgets from updating when their pixbufs were changed.

Previously, the SimpleSourceWidgets -- the widgets that represent each clip in the movie timeline, had been a bit over-sized. So I spent the weekend doing little cosmetic tweaks to get them down to size. I also fixed it so that the label which holds each clip's filename is ellipsized, rather than simply cut off. I also found that by changing the packing options slightly, I could get the bottom half of the window not to expand with the widget. This improves the way the widget scales, causing more space to be given to the thumbnail image.

On sunday I finally got around to refactoring the code behind the editing slider into a new class. While I was at it, I added a "trimming bar" above the editing slider to indicate where the start and stop points are on the clip. Meanwhile, Edward Hervey finally managed to eliminate a crasher bug that had been driving me crazy while testing.

Today, I've been following up on the slider code by making the arrow buttons which adjust the start and stop points work. That pretty much completes the basic functionality of the widget. However, Edward and I have been talking about adding a "cancel" button, and a button to split the clip being edited into two smaller clips. That is probably what I will be working on the coming weeks.

Hope to see you all at GUADEC!

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