Introducing myself

Hi all,
Thought I would start the thread - apologies for the delay, was trying
frantically to catch up with a project deadline (now it's over
thankfully ;-).

I am a student (undergraduate) from from the eastern part of India,
from a city called Kolkata (formerly known as Calcutta).
My Summer of Code project is about making GNOME more deployment friendly by

[1] Extending and adding to the lockdown features that are already there
[2] Making it easier for desktop admins to predefine certain things
for the Desktop (and making it mandatory, ie users won't be able to to
get rid of those predefined objects)
[3] Documenting the entire lockdown and deployment aspects of GNOME

More at

My blog is at, and it is
already syndicated by Planet GNOME with a very nice looking
hackergotchi[1] (my girlfriend thinks otherwise though).

I also have an SVN account (though I am not very active on SVN -
planning to change that shortly).

I am really looking forward towards having a great summer.



Sayamindu Dasgupta

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