Removal of abandoned extension

Disclaimer: This mail was originally send from
"elbenfreund projecthamster org", which is not actually subscribed to
the list. So I am re sending.

Hi list,

as I am a bit unsure where to bring this up, I hope you dont mind asking

I am one of the maintainers of "project hamster", a timetracker. Among
other components, we maintain a gnome shell extension.
Several years ago, someone uploaded an almost identical version as a
personal test [1]. As the title reveals: "my extension -- remove it b"
this upload is not relevant anymore for several years by the authors own
account. In order to guide potential users to the actual up-to-date
extension, we would be grateful if we could trigger some kind of process
for the removal of this old upload.
Is there such a process? Or a better place to bring this up?

Thanks to the entire e.g.o. team and happy hacking
Eric, for projecthamster


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