Extension to search among each program menu ?

Hi list,

I have search the gnome shell extension website, and with google, but could not find any extension which provides a quick access to all the menu and submenu of the active application.

This is really helpfull to activate a menu from the keyboard, especially for submenu ( main menus can be activated via ALT + letter, but you have to remember the letter for each application, and submenu are a pain to activate ( combination of arrows down and right + letters...).

In Ubuntu unity, there was a very handy search tool like this.

For example, if the menu is
File / Recent /
File / Recent / file1.txt
File / Recent / file2.txt
Document /
Document / Set type
Document / Set type / XML
Document / Set type / JSON
Document / Set type / HTML

You could just type ALT + JSON and activate the submenu Document / Set type / JSON

Any hint ?


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