Button colors in Activity

Hi all:

I need to add a button in the Activity view. I already did with

const CathegoryMenuItem = new Lang.Class({
        Name: "CathegoryMenuItem",
        Extends: St.Button,

        _init: function(topClass, type, cathegory, launchers) {
                this.topClass = topClass;
                this.cat = cathegory;
                this.launchers = launchers;
                this.launcherType = type;
                this.parent({label: cathegory, style_class: "world-clocks-button button", toggle_mode: true, 
can_focus: true, track_hover: true});
                this.connect("clicked",Lang.bind(this,function() {

It works, but some users says that, when changing the theme in Gnome
shell, the colors are incorrect, and it is hard to read the text.

How can I create a button with the right background, foreground, border,


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