Re: Recompiling

On Sat, 2016-10-01 at 11:15 +0200, Bob Andrew wrote:
However, these posts do not explain how to make the changes

I tried to recompile the file using 'glib-compile-
resources resources.gresource.xml' but managed only to break gnome-
shell. What am i missing?

At a guess, you are missing the C code used by the lower-level parts of
gnome-shell, which goes into the same library as the JavaScript

If you obtained gnome-shell by compiling it from source code (for
instance in jhbuild), apply your JavaScript changes to that source code
and recompile/install it.

If you obtained gnome-shell from a distribution like Debian, Ubuntu or
Fedora, you will need to apply your JavaScript changes as local changes
to that distribution's gnome-shell package, rebuild the gnome-shell
package with a local change to the version number, and install the new
package. The precise details of how to do this depend on your
distribution: for example, if you happen to be using Debian, <https://w> is a good starting point.


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