Re: Alternative to restarting shell on wayland


I have created a gnome shell extension which provides a panel menu button
that will reload an extension under a Wayland or Xorg session. It seems to do 
the job under Fedora 24 GS 3.20 and Fedora 25 Beta GS 3.22.  The updated
gnome-shell-extension-tool is not available in a distribution yet.  I grabbed a
copy of the gnome-shell-extension-tool from the gnome shell repository and 
included it as a local copy in the extension.  When the tool is made available I 
will update the extension.

Download the zip file of the repository. Uncompress the zip file 

cd acme-code-master/extension-reloader
make zip-file

Install the extension zip-file and enable the extension.

The Reload menu will list all installed extensions. Selecting an extension from
the menu will execute the local copy of gnome-shell-extension-tool to reload
the selected extension.

If you find this usable let me know and I will upload it to the extension website.


On Wed, 2016-11-02 at 09:26 +0100, Mario Wenzel wrote:

apparently there will be/is functionality in the gnome-extension-tool to reload extensions. I have yet to try that.

Am Freitag, den 28.10.2016, 23:51 +0300 schrieb Yotam Bar-On:
Hi all,
I develop some extensions, and started using the Wayland impl now with 3.22.
I noticed I can't restart the shell anymore (saw the commit + bugzilla issue). While developing extensions I acquired the habit of alt+f2->r all the time, similar to alt-tab->f5 for web devel. ^_^

Now with the "no restart" thing, it there a simple way to reload extensions?
I tried enable/disable the extension, but it does not seem to work (and never worked, not on x11 either, IIRC).

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