GNOME Shell/Wayland, VirtualBox and absolute input


I am looking for a solution to the following problem: when I run Fedora 25 with GNOME Shell/Wayland and multiple monitors under VirtualBox and install Guest Additions absolute input mapping does not work correctly: the first screen as seen from the host is mapped to the entire guest virtual desktop, and that only when the first screen is in the top left corner of the virtual desktop. (I hope you can follow me here.) For comparison I tried Qemu with virtio-gpu 2D and two screens (I needed a one-line code change to make this work) and the result was the same.

I am wondering whether there is any way I can find out from the graphics driver about the layout of the virtual desktop - its size and the location of the first screen in it (we currently pass this information to the host through the graphics device). If not, are we better presenting multiple input devices and mapping each to a screen? I find information online[1] about a udev environment variable to do this: ENV{WL_OUTPUT}="<display name>". Is this something you support, and do you know if other compositors are likely to? Obviously it is not my preferred solution, as it will be more work to implement and will require fiddling to make sure it stays compatible with X.Org.


Another issue I am looking at is that GNOME Shell does not seem to use drm dirtyfb information to tell the driver about updates. However virtio-gpu seems to get the information, so presumably there is something I can do about this. Any idea about what I should be doing differently? And (small complaint) the fact that GNOME Shell does not do a soft mouse cursor makes debugging pointer issues somewhat painful...


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