Re: Where can I find detailed extension API changes of gnome-shell

From: rastersoft <raster rastersoft com>

Unfortunately, the GS team expressed explicitly the lack of their
interest in further supporting of extensions, and it became more and
more difficult to develop, support and even submit extensions.

What? Can you post a link where they said that? I'm really surprised :O

It was in April 2014: the leading developer of GS said: "

OK, I should come out and say it instead of holding back for so long.

The extensions website is unmaintained. I am not working on it anymore, and
I am not going to work on it. I'm not interested in supporting
infrastructure for shell extensions anymore.


The thing is that I worked really hard on my extension, to ensure its usability and flexibility, which can be confirmed by the commitment history. In fall of 2013 someone asked me to make it compatible to a new and upcoming version of Fedora, which was not even in its beta. I did it in a week or so, and submitted to Well, it took more than 2 months for someone to even look at this submission. At the time, the new version of Fedora was not only out of beta but was released for a month or so.

During this waiting time, namely in December of 2013, I wrote several emails to the team offering my personal help in reviewing extensions. No reply. And then almost a half year after that I read the message I quoted above. So, I just mentioned it. Again, I don't know how this has changed.


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