Re: Where can I find detailed extension API changes of gnome-shell 3.12 ?

On 06/05/2015 06:58, 邓尧 wrote:
On Wed, May 6, 2015 at 12:24 AM, Norman L. Smith <nls1729 gmail com> wrote:
On Tue, 2015-05-05 at 21:50 +0800, 邓尧 wrote:

I feel it's very inconvenience to use gnome-shell without the YAWL
extension. The extension is only partially functional under 3.12, and
the author has already abandoned it.
After some extensive Googling with no luck, I decided to fix it
myself. I'm planning to start with API changes

I'm new to gnome-shell extension development, any suggestion would be
Writing gnome shell extensions is more a patching operation than
developing with an API.
I'm quite surprised by this design decision. Although it offers
greater freedom for extension development, it makes extension
maintenance difficult.
Yes, I feel so ! I had a working 3.8 extension able to position widgets in absolute position using css.

Now, updated to 3.14 , this does not work anymore. No documentation, no forums , no answers, no help.....

This is not suitable in a production context

Writing Gnome Shell Extensions requires access to the shell source
code.  The shell sources became binary as gresouces with version
3.12. The sources must be extracted for examination.

The following links may be of help to you.

With sources of the older shell and the extension you can examine
the newer shell code to determine what has changed.  Sometimes it is
easy and sometimes it is a quite a task to duplicate an extension's
functionality in the new shell.

As an example I have a small personal extension I moved from 3.10
(35 lines) to 3.16 (207 lines).  At first look I said to myself
I'm not sure this can be done.  It took a completely different
approach and a re-write.
The YAWL extension failed to get all windows in current workspace, I'm
still struggling with its own source code.

I hope this is helpful.

"The source code is the documentation.", uttered by so many.

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