Is it possible to put wm and gtk into one g_main_loop

Hi gnome-shell developers,

gnome-shell puts wm (gnome-shell-plugin, a libmutter plugin) and gjs into ***only*** one (meta_run) g_main_loop

So I am considering about is it possible to put wm - inherted from and gtk - just like desktop enviroment`s panel

I tried to ***only*** use meta_run g_main_loop

meta_set_wm_name("Elsa shell");


some GtkWidget new and show, for example, panel

return meta_run();

It ***seems*** to work, but when changed the screen size, for example, by xrandr --output LVDS1 --mode 800x600
it failed to gtk_window_resize the panel on the bottom!

Also I tried to use fork child process to put wm and gtk into separate g_main_loop: meta_run and gtk_main, it worked! but there are several processes, not very clean ;P

So how gnome-shell put wm and gjs together? please someone give me some advice, thanks a lot!

Leslie Zhai

Leslie Zhai

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