Re: gnome-shell-list Digest, Vol 81, Issue 9

Wow! What?  Ages upon ages ago someone worked on a gconf backend for
LDAP - it never reach the point of working.  Are the extensions that
actually work for this? [finally something like a roaming profile in
GNOME] - because this would be AWESOME.

​I managed to get this to work following the sysadmin guide ( and creating different dconf config files in /etc/dconf/db/local.d. I used puppet to put the files in place and then had a puppet statement that would run dconf update any time those folders changed.
exec {'dconf update':
    subscribe => [ 
    path    => "/usr/bin",

​I'm still having trouble because gdm doesn't have all of the settings available I want inside of dconf (background image, fonts, etc.) but for that I am replacing the css file that manages those settings.

I use NFS for home space so the users .config/dconf/user file is already synced (make sure you set the service-db It has the effect of roaming profiles but really it's just synced via NFS home space.​

Justin Garrison

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