Small change maybe

I have been using Gnome 3.8 exclusively and really like it. I have one suggestion, could you move the Applications button on the dock to the top and the Frequent/All to the top as well.
Let me explain;
You move the mouse to the left or press the Super key, most I think might use the mouse. Well with the Applications button at the top if you want to see the Frequent or All, those options are right there. Just a slight movement of the mouse and you got it.
Less moving of the mouse from top to bottom then over and then up.
One other idea I had, take it for what its worth, move the Workspaces to just the right of the dock. That way if you use the mouse to bring up the Overview, everything it right there. Just move the mouse down and pick the Workspace you desire.

Using the Super Key, sort of, just sort of, makes my idea somewhat odd. But most people, least developers and those using an application, might, just might, have their hand on the mouse more often than of the keyboard?

Anyway, it's just an idea I had.

Marshall Neill

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