Detailed lock screen notifications by default, for a particular application?

For my break timer gsoc project, we'd like to have a detailed lock
screen notification to communicate when a break is finished. However,
by default, gnome-shell just shows the application's name and "one
unread message" (or something to that effect). To get the type of
notification I want, it looks like every user must open the
Notifications settings panel and change their preferences for the
application to include "Show details in lock screen." Naturally,
that's a little annoying.

Is there a nicer way about this? I think one solution is if my
application could specify particular defaults for its notification
preferences. That way the user could still adjust notifications the
same way, but the "Show details in lock screen" switch would be on by

If this isn't a thing we can do right now, is it something we'd be
interested in having? I'd be happy to try to implement it :)


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