GS 3.9 affectsInputRegion

Hi everyone,

I have a question about GS 3.9. One of the commits removes the
affectsInputRegion parameter. I know there were some special reasons for
that, and a lot of underlying C code has changed.

Now, suppose I have an actor A that takes some space but I want it to be
transparent for all events such as mouse clicks etc. Actor A may have
some children -- actors B, C, ... -- which are not transparent, and I
want them to receive mouse clicks etc. Before 3.9 I would do something like:
addChrome(A, { affectsInputRegion: false });
trackChrome(B, { affectsInputRegion: true });
trackChrome(C, { affectsInputRegion: true });

Now, if I add A using Main.uiGroup.add_child(A) instead, then
trackChrome will complain that none of B's (or C's etc.) ancestors were
added using addChrome.

What is the recommended way of doing this in GS 3.9? Thank you.


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