Re: webdav rename does not work

On Fri, 2013-08-02 at 21:51 +1000, jupiter wrote:
I am running gnome-vfs2-2.24.2 on CentOS 6. I can connect wedav server
but could not rename the name of file / folder,

File or Folder?  They are two different things.

What WebDAV server?

 it got error "Bad Gateway". 

That typically means the backend had an abend.

Is it a bug in gvfs? Any workaround?

I don't think so;  I rename objects via WebDAV regularly.  If you
connect to the server using cadaver [or some other client] can you
successfully rename the object?

Can you run the GVFS service in debug mode and see what the
'conversation' is?

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