Re: show an overview of current appliction's windows

On Tue, 06 Mar 2012 23:30:19 +0800, William Xu wrote:
> Why not? It is especially useful for applications such as file
> manager, terminals and browsers, where there are usually multiple
> windows.

When I first started using gnome-shell (only since Ubuntu 11.10 for me)
I guess I was disappointed that gnome-shell misses this in the "tick
list" comparison of features compared to Unity but you know what, I find
that the gnome-shell overview is all I need - although it may be because
I am not the kind of person who stacks large numbers of open windows all
over the place?

I am either working, or I press the meta/hotspot to see what other
windows I have open, click one and then continue working. Two simple
modes which I switch between without having to think or hunt. At least
gnome-shell scales windows to the screen they are on in multiple screen
setups unlike Unity which scales them to the single screen of focus
(which is more cluttered and loses screen/position context) It's fast,
simple, and works well for me.

>> although you can use the alt-<key above tab> view which gives similar
>> functionality.
> Yes.  But it is a bit small, and i find other applicaton icons causing
> distraction.

Although it is a standard function which does actually show you the
application icon for the grouped windows, i.e. the same as that overlap-
icons extension quoted above.

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