Re: On the video recorder's keys conflict with keyboard language switcher (alt+shift).

I agree with Lazri, maybe an app icon would be better. Also shell screencasting, is hidden on Gnome Shortcuts. Is like an easter egg :)
Furthermore it would be nice an Shortcut Screen with quick start tips for Shell, kinda similar as Unity and tooltips like KDE.
Btw Lazri you can move Ctr+Shift to Shift+Caps as a quick workaround

- alex

On Thu, Mar 1, 2012 at 5:11 PM, Reda Lazri <the red shortcut gmail com> wrote:

Like many people, I've set ALT+Shift to be my shortcut keys for switching keyboard layouts. Since this is the first thing I do, I couldn't enable the video recorder feature in GNOME Shell(since 3.0) and thought it was broken or something.

Last week I discovered, by mistake, that I couldn't use the recorder (CTRL+ALT+Shift+R) because of the shortcut keys(ALT+Shift) being used and took care of this.

What I'm asking here, obviously, isn't changing the default settings because of my shortcut selection. I'm asking to either make the conflict more obvious(like Compiz's CCSM used to do) or give the user a way to change the recorder's shortcuts.

Also, having a way to control the shell recorder with an App icon, GUI, Indicator, popup-menu...(i.e. make the feature more obvious) is a good idea. :P

Thank you.

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