Re: Implementing settings for extensions

> Hm, the configure button shouldn't appear if the extension isn't configurable.
> Anyway, you implement configurability by adding a prefs.js. See this
> post for more details:

Actually that button appears always, also on Gnome 3.2.

Is there a way to have some "how-to"s for using gsettings, schemas, pref.js ecc?
I'm not a professional programmer and mantain my extension just like a
hobby, so it would be great to have a place with some (simple)
examples, maybe with a lot of comments, to start from.
I know this may take some time to do, but i think that it is more and
more necessary as time goes and Gnome estensions' way to work spreads.

Davide Alberelli.
On Google+ and deviantART.

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