WoGue participation page opened and we need your help

Hello Everyone,

Firstly sorry I post here, because isn't quite the appropriate place, but most people post their ideas here.
We opened WoGue Participation page @ worldofgnome.org  (you can collect more information there).

I want to ask you to send your ideas about GNOME (things you would like to see on GNOME - read participation instructions)
@ worldofgnome[at]gmail com, so we can publish them and people that aren't so much on Mailing Lists and developer's blogs,
get the opportunity to thumbs them up, and why not participate also.  
So we kindly ask you to Forwarding your emails on us if you want to see them on on WoGue.

I read some amazing ideas here and on blogs, but we can't follow them all, plus we don't want to publish anything without
your permission.

Also I want really thank Gnome-Shell Design Team because they gave me an idea about how we can construct a menu on a web-sites with
a lots of items. I currently working it on a web-project and I will try to pass it on Wogue (if I get some free time :) )

I share it as a generic idea (what I do) and might help you to get the concept and use it on shell also.
I have build a similar menu as Wogue has (hover on banner to see it, is dummy right now), that is dynamic, and it is recreated
based on tags on the current page you are. It is very specific the reason I do this but it can work on shell with a semantic way.

For example when we write C on gedit and is on focus, when we open activities overlay we get some recommendation about C tutorials
on internet. Similarly when we play a media (video or images) on activities overlay we get links on internet from similar songs and movies,
or we get similar files that we have on our disk or network. More useful when we read something on web-browser (history, sports, news) on activities overlay
we see similar web pages. Not on a different tab, but on windows tab we have a bar on top with the links.
I hope I was explain-full enough :)

On my Project based on metadata that I store on database (I do Rails)  isn't that hard, and is quite practical.

Well thank you for your time and I hope you give us some help, we just try to get or ideas on one place


- alex 


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